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  Jiangsu Runyang shipyard is a big shipbuilding center established in 2004. Our company covers an area of over 333,000 square meters, has 500 meters of the Yangtze river shoreline use. We invested 500000,000 Yuan and have already built several shipways which include one 30,000 tons (46m*200m), one 40,000 tons(33m*200m), one 50,000 tons(48m*200m), one 80,000 tons(46m*320m). Also we have four 50tons, one 100tons, two 150tons and one 300tons gantry crane especially for shipbuilding. Besides, we have two self-traveling door type machines and two steam hanging, we still have almost 800 machines that cover automatic cutting machine, digital controlled cutter, plate shearing machine, tube bending machine, hydraulic machine, plasma cutting machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, semi auto welder and so on. We have a ship construction ability of 200,000 tons per year.

  Our company mainly focus on oil tanker, cargo vessel and container bulk ship under 80,000 tons as well as traffic boat, fishing boat, maritime boat, water administration boat ,water boat "110",water pump ship, dredge boat and so on. Our products have been exported to countries like Netherlands, Singapore, Pakistan, Nigeria etc and approved by CCS, BV, ZC,ZY. We've been awarded "Quality Trustworthy Organization" by Jiangsu Province and Yangzhou city for five years. We have a credit grade of "AAA" and got the ISO9001 certificate by CCS. We won lots of prizes in the quality competition of shipbuilding industry.

  We received highly praise for our solid technique , strict management , terrific quality and our reliable credit . The fast-rising Jiangsu Runyang Shipyard will provide all kinds of excellent ships and best service for clients both domestic and abroad! Expect sincerely to cooperate with you!

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